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Biomimetic Dermocosmetics

Biomimetic Dermocosmetics

100% Authentic!  CLINICALLY PROVEN!  Biomimetic Dermoscosmetics Facial Care Anti-aging and Skin Whitening Products.  Our anti-aging and skin whitening facial care products give you complete facial pampering, working together to bring out skin that's younger, lighter, and healthier all over.  Pre-Base and Advanced Treatments for:  Whitening, Anti-aging, Antioxidant, Eye Contour, Firming and Hydrating.  Micelar Water for intensive Hydrating and Sun Fotoprotector Sunscreen.

All pre base treatments incorporate a hyaluronic acid and amino acid treatment as a base whose excellent biocompatibility with the skin allows rapid penetration: whitening, hydrating, nourishing and regenerating even the deepest layers of the skin.  All Biomimetic Dermocosmetics cosmetics contain the award winning ingredient:  Patented CROSSPLOYMER YALIC® (CROSSLINK).  This innovative exclusive Patented formula acts as a vehicle in transporting the active ingredients, penetrating to the deepest layers of the skin.  It is Biodegradable and Biocompatible.

The Pre Base Treatment, arising from the research promoted by Biomimetic and Polypeptide Therapeutic Solutions, are unique solutions for their activity, formulation, penetration and biocompatibility. Pre Base Treatment regenerates skin cells from the inside to the outside. A new way to take care of your skin, inside your skin.  Our Pre-bases and treatments hydrate, nourish and regenerate the living cells of our skin that are in the deepest layer of the epidermis; the basal layer.  Unlike conventional cosmetics that acts on the superficial layers of the skin, our treatments manage to pass through the different layers until reaching the last layer of the epidermis.  Thanks to the CROSSPOLYMER YALIC®, present in all Biomimetic Dermocosmetics treatments, they are able to provide the necessary nutrition to living cells so that they grow in the optimal state of health.

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Biomimetic Skin Whitening Advanced Treatment, 50ml

An intensive advanced Skin Whitening treatment. Get more effective results and avoids the formation..

€54.95 €49.95

Biomimetic Skin Whitening Pre-Base Treatment, 30ml

Treatment and prevention of hyperpigmentations.It acts directly on the origin of the stain, preve..

€64.95 €59.95

Biomimetic Skin Whitening Anti-Aging Advanced Treatment, 50ml

An intensive advanced Anti-aging treatment. The intensive treatment that significantly reduces the ..

€54.95 €49.95

Biomimetic Skin Whitening Anti-aging Pre-Base Treatment, 30ml

Global anti-aging treatment.It prevents, regenerates, provides luminosity, reduces the depth of wrin..

€64.95 €59.95

Biomimetic Skin Whitening Antioxidant Advanced Treatment, 50ml

An intensive advanced antioxidant treatment. Formulated with active ingredients with great antioxid..

€54.95 €49.95

Biomimetic Skin Whitening Antioxidant Pre-Base Treatment, 30ml

Experience an intensive antioxidant and skin whitening treatment!  Biomimetic Antioxidant ..

€64.95 €59.95

Biomimetic Skin Whitening Eye Contour Global Advanced Treatment, 15ml

VISIBLY LIGHTENS AND LIFTS THE SKIN IN THE EYE AREA!DMAE is involved in increasing muscle tone and f..

€34.95 €29.95

Biomimetic Skin Whitening Eye Contour Global Pre-Base Treatment, 10ml

VISIBLY LIGHTENS AND LIFTS THE SKIN IN THE EYE AREA! Prevention and treatment of wrinkles and sagg..

€39.95 €34.95

Biomimetic Skin Whitening Firming Advanced Treatment, 50ml

An intensive advanced firming treatment.Recover the firmness and elasticity of your skin. We in..

€54.95 €49.95

Biomimetic Skin Whitening Firming Pre-Base Treatment, 30ml

Treatment formulated for sagging skin and lack of elasticity. Its combination of active ingredie..

€64.95 €59.95

Biomimetic Skin Whitening Hydrating Advanced Treatment, 50ml

An intensive advanced deep hydration treatment. The perfect cocktail for hydrated and healthy sk..

€54.95 €49.95

Biomimetic Skin Whitening Hydrating Pre-Base Treatment, 30ml

Treatment for all skin types, even the most sensitive and reactive.  Recovers the skin, corr..

€64.95 €59.95

Biomimetic Skin Whitening Micellar Water Ultra Hydrating Cleansing Toner, 250ml

Cleans, tones and deeply moisturizes the skin at the same time.A hydrating cleanser enriched with so..

€28.95 €24.95

Biomimetic Skin Whitening Sun Care Fotoprotector Sunscreen SPF50+, 50ml

Defend your skin from sun damage. 365 days of photoprotection. Biomimetic Fotoprotect..

€34.95 €29.95