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Body Lotion 10%

Body Lotion 10%

A peeling body lotion formulated with esterified glycolic acid at a concentration of 10%, GlySkinCare Body Lotion is an advanced intensive skin whitening treatment for the body based with Glycolic Acid, Vitamin C and minerals that helps to restore the natural pH, allows the skin to absorb more oxygen and it’s nutrients also helps strengthen the support structure of the skin.  It exfoliates dead epidermis to provide a better penetration of active ingredients. It whitens discoloration of the sun, hormonal, cutaneous and it also unifies, corrects, protects, whitens and hydrates your skin in one step

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GlySkinCare Skin Whitening Body Lotion 10%, 200ml

With its mild and light formula, GlySkinCare skin whitening body lotion 10 alleviates the appearan..

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