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Skin Whitening - Anti-aging - Skin Cell Renewal

MENARD Cosmetics is a Japanese leading skincare brand since 1959. Scientifically proven results.  Graceful product design that highlights your moments of elegance.  A cornucopia of products for a beautiful and fulfilling lifestyle.  MENARD Cosmetics is dedicated to providing our customers with safe, beneficial and effective products.  We also believe beauty products should come in beautiful containers that accent the elegant times and places of your life.  That's why we place strong emphasis on product package design.  We hope our products themselves provide a beautiful accent to the elegant scenes and moments of your life.  We offer an extensive lineup of products so as to provide each customer worldwide with her ideal product or service.  A few of our key products are described below.

MENARD FAIRLUCENT products provide 24 hours intensive skin whitening treatment.  To achieve a fair and flawless skin, we must take both attack and defence steps.  At the same time, tackle the existing melanin for the most complete skin whitening solution. Menard Fairlucent 3 steps whitening systems: remove horny cells, UV protection and concentrated skin whitening give the most effective whitening result.  *APM is contained in Fairlucent products.

Vitamin C is known as a nutrient that also exists in human body, Vitamin C cannot be produced in our body, yet constantly consumed in our body.  In order to maintain a fair complexion without pigmentation, it is necessary to provide plentiful Vitamin C to the skin.  Fairlucent contains advance skin whitening ingredient – APM (Stable Vitamin C Derivative) that is smaller than nano size to restrain the production of melanin and prevent stains and freckles caused by UV rays.

MENARD EMBELLIR cosmetics is a premium line of skin care that is designed for the sophisticated women who seeks splendour beauty of her face, delivering gentle protection and rejuvenation. It intensively nourish and moisturize the skin leaving wrinkles in the past.  Menard Embellir cosmetics restores skin youth and radiance right from its first application.

MENARD EMBELLIR evolved to  a new level, continuing to innovate as MENARD’s top aging care line by combining the power of Reishi, treasured since ancient times, with cutting edge science, for women who desire the ultimate in beauty. We focused our attention on the process by which beautiful skin is created, creating new formulas with revolutionary ingredients, developed entirely in house, that harness the previously unknown potential of both Red and Black Reishi.

The fragrance, texture, and refined capabilities of these items, developed in the pursuit of comfort that achieves harmony among the five senses, reveal the hidden beauty of each individual person from the moment they are applied, and ensure a future of glamorous splendor.

100% MADE IN JAPAN.  MENARD COSMETICS.  Every step entailed in developing Menard products is done in Japan—clinical research, ingredient sourcing, product development, manufacturing, and packaging—utilizing their advanced technology and keen eye for perfection.

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