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Taut™ Intensive Recovery Serum (30ml)

Taut™ Intensive Recovery Serum (30ml)

Pamper your skin with the latest addition to the LAC Taut range. With its revolutionary triple-action mega moisture formula, LAC Taut™ Intensive Recovery Skin Whitneing Serum is supercharged with powerful antioxidant properties to hydrate, repair and protect tired and stressed skin. The result? Brighter, more supple and youthful-looking skin than ever! Supercharged with 7 powerful skin whitening and anti-aging herbal extracts with proven antioxidant properties to repair stressed and damaged skin and reinforce skin barrier.  The LAC Taut Intensive Recovery Serum gives your skin the nutrients it needs to remain young, healthy and vibrant.  Revolutionary triple-whitening action mega moisture formula to hydrate, repair and protect.

A highly concentrated and potent activating skin whitening serum with deep penetrating action to provide skin with a mega-boost of age defying therapy. This recovery skin whitening serum provides moisture to the skin, tightens and tones instantlyInhibits melanin production, while greatly contributing to making the skin glowing and lighter!  The complexion looks younger, brighter and more radiant.

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Taut™ Intensive Recovery Skin Whitening Serum (30ml)

Hydrate, Whitening, Repair and Protect your skin with Taut™ Intensive Recovery Skin Whitening Seru..

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