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Menard Authent Mask II - Anti-aging Mask 65ml

For an instantaneous, dramatic impressionMENARD AUTHENT MASK promises luxurious satisfaction with th..


Menard Fairlucent Day Cream White SPF 45 PA - Skin Whitening Day Cream 40g

Whitening Day CreamA high performance skin whitening Day Cream for a perfect beauty care that lasts ..


Menard Fairlucent Emulsion - Skin Whitening Lotion 80ml

Whitening Milk LotionA high performance skin whitening emulsion that is light on the skin and spread..


Menard Fairlucent Lotion - Skin Whitening Lotion 160ml

Whitening LotionA high performance light-textured skin whitening lotion, moisturizes and absorbs ef..


Menard Fairlucent Night Cream - Skin Whitening Night Cream 40ml

Whitening Night CreamA high performance skin whitening Night Cream for a perfect beauty care that la..


Menard Fairlucent Pack White - Skin Whitening Mask 100ml

Whitening MaskA high performance creamy textured skin whitening mask for an efficient daily whitenin..


Menard Fairlucent Refresh Massage - Skin Whitening Cleanser 135ml

Whitening Massage CleanserA high performance skin whitening massage cream that helps skin appear tra..


Menard Fairlucent Washing Cream - Skin Whitening Wash Cleanser 105ml

Whitening Washing Cream CleanserA high performance skin whitening Wash Cream that foams smoothly int..


Menard Fairlucent Whiter Essence - Skin Whitening Serum 100ml

Whitening SerumA high performance skin whitening serum that restrains the production of melanin and ..


Menard Authent II Cream - Anti-aging Day and Night Cream 50ml



Menard Embellir Day Cream - Anti-aging Day Cream 34ml

Menard Embellir Day Cream is a finely textured anti-aging cream that instantly moisturizes the ski..


Menard Embellir Extract - Anti-aging Serum 60ml

Menard Embellir Extract Serum is your elixir essence of beauty, a richly-textured anti-aging serum..


Menard Embellir Eye Cream - Anti-aging Eye Cream 20ml

Menard Embellir Eye Cream effectively revitalize and hydrate every cell of the eye contour for ult..


Menard Embellir Liquid - Anti-aging Lotion 130ml

Menard Embellir Liquid Emulsion provides multi-purpose effect on your skin due to the co..


Menard Embellir Night Cream - Anti-aging Night Cream 35ml

Menard Embellir Night Cream is a intensive Global anti-aging, moisturizing cream, precursor produc..