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MENARD Authent Eau de Parfum 50 ml

MENARD Authent Eau de Parfum 50 ml

Based on cutting-edge research related to skin formation of the MENARD company in the development of skin care products, Authent perfumes have been designed to reflect the impeccable work of the company for perfection in which a new approach has been developed for creating fragrances.  It is a special fragrance that gives you exceptional femininity, delicacy and elegance.  A unique and delicate fragrance born from stem cell research conducted by MENARD scientists.  A special fragrance that refreshes and brightens women.

MENARD Authent Eau de Parfum.  Unbelievably feminine, elegant and sophisticated, delicate and at the same time a deep fragrance that emphasizes the natural beauty of a woman.  The aroma has an anti-stress effect, creating a sense of happiness and tranquility.  It is created on the basis of essential oils from the petals of two world famous varieties of rose, neroli, violets and vegetable musk. When creating the fragrance, emphasis is placed on the positive impact on the well-being and the body as a whole. MENARD AUTHENT EAU DE PARFUM - an excellent addition to cosmetics AUTHENT: stimulates the processes, which in turn (as well as the cream AUTHENT) activate stem cells.

Essential rose, orange blossom and violet oils create a natural flower bouquet. The notes of jasmine, peach, and alluring softly combine vanilla and red pepper spice. Contains Pheromones.

For women who want to emphasize femininity.

The oxytocin, which activates stem cells, is secreted when a special fragrance made from ambrette-seed oil and natural essential oils from roses, orange blossoms, and violets is detected.

Secretion of oxytocin and female hormones generated by ambrette-seed oil contributes to a more beautiful skin.

As researched advanced, it was discovered that in addition to the secretion of oxytocin, neuropeptide Y decreased, creating a sense of happiness and peace when these special fragrances were smelled.  This contributes to a sense of happiness and peace.

The world's leading high-quality natural essential oils of Orange France courtly culture with rose colored flower, violet, ambrette seed oil (*) added.  * Volatile compounds extracted from the seeds of the plant of the Hibiscus family.

Women femininity with a full-bodied taste grace and elegance, while discreetly scented, is filled with fragrance.

A unique fragrance that illuminates women.  Menard researchers have shown that the fragrance of Menard Authent cream II acts on the brain and activates stem cells.  In parallel with the secretion of oxytocin *, there has also been a decrease in neuropeptide Y ** related to the vaporization of Menard Authent Eau de Parfum on the skin creating a sensation of happiness and serenity.

Menard Authent Eau de Parfum thus helps to act on cell renewal while invigorating and illuminating the complexion of women.

  •   * Oxytocin: a hormone released by the mother's brain during breastfeeding
  • ** neuropeptide Y: a hormone that increases with stress and anxiety

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Natural essential oils from two world famous roses, orange flowers and violets used in French court culture were added to ambrette-seed oil* to create a subtle yet deep scent that gives elegance and grace and exudes femininity. This note is expressed by our company as “floral bouquet natural.”
* This is a natural essential oil extracted from seeds of the ablemoschus moschatus medik plant, which is in the same group as the hibiscus

  • Head notes - pink essence, leaves of violet, bergamot, peach, pink pepper
  • Heart notes - neroli, jasmine, May rose
  • Basic notes - vegetable musk, white musk, vanilla, sandalwood
  • Ethyl alcohol is denatured (85%), perfume composition, water

Spray directly on the body, such as the neck, chest or other body areas that are not exposed to direct sunlight.

Keep out of reach of children.

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