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Acne Toner

Acne Toner

This intensive acne toner has a number of potent acne control ingredients with exfoliating, softening, antioxidants, whitening and moisturizers properties.  Improves skin texture, skin tone and relieves symptoms of acne-prone skin.  The synergy of its components helps protect the skin from the agents that cause acne-prone skin providing an even skin tone.  Novaclear skin whitening acne toner is a seed-regulating skin whitening acne toner with anti-inflammatory properties which keeps pores clear, prevention and elimination of comedones, better penetration of actives to provide a softer, smoother, brighter skin.  Actively tackle troublesome breakouts and clarify congested skin with the Novaclear skin whitening acne toner.

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Novaclear Acne Skin Whitening Toner, 150ml

VISIBLY RIDS ACNE, LIGHTENS AND CLEARS THE SKINSilver and Fenugreek Extract keeps your skin healthy ..

€28.90 €26.90