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Novaclear Collagen

Novaclear Collagen

Novaclear® anti-aging collagen skin whitening treatment specifically targets signs of aging and gently refines the grain of your skin to make the complexion incredibly firmer, plumper, smooth, younger, lighter and more radiant.  Enriched with a high concentration of Marine Collagen, Retinol and Active Gold.  Evenly whitens skin tone while blocking the epidermic biosynthesis of pigmentation.  Stimulates cell regeneration, rids wrinkles and delays the skin aging process.  Intensively moisturizes the skin.  Effectively lightens dark spots, acne spots, freckles, age spots, dark areas, blemishes and other discolorations.  Novaclear anti-aging collagen treatment moisturizes the skin as it increases moisture level of the skin.

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Novaclear Collagen Skin Whitening Set

BEST FOR THOSE WHO WANT A LIGHTER AND EVEN SKIN TONE!Developed from the most trusted and high-qualit..

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