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Novaclear Acne Whitening Set

Novaclear Acne Whitening Set

All Novaclear Ance® products are optimally coordinated and have a synergistic effect, providing your skin with incomparable skin whitening and anti-acne results.  Novaclear Acne® Acne treatment products are an all-in-one solution that helps to prevent, treat current breakouts, repair the skin and heal acne scars.  We offer the finest, clinically proven, treatment for acne and whitening at the same time.  Novaclear Acne® contains advanced benefits of Oil Control Complex®, an advanced Technology, and Silica to effectively clarify skin, reduce shine, tighten your pores, regulates and control sebum secretion.  Removes impurities in the skin that lead to breakouts.  Its a acne treatment, without any aggressive side effects (no increased photosensitivity - no treatment pauses in the summer).  It has a balancing antibacterial and antioxidant effect.  Novaclear Acne® skin whitening and anti-acne treatment is a seed-regulating skin whitening acne treatment with anti-inflammatory properties which keeps pores clear, prevention and elimination of comedones, better penetration of actives to provide a softer, smoother, brighter skin.

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Novaclear Acne Skin Whitening Set

VISIBLY RIDS ACNE, LIGHTENS AND CLEARS THE SKINDeveloped from the most trusted and high-quality skin..

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