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Novaclear Whiten Whitening Set

Novaclear Whiten Whitening Set

The Novaclear Whiten® provides a glowing and elastic face line with clearing dark spots, wrinkles and provides an active facial line!  Creates a whiter and smooth skin, certified anti-aging and skin whitening ingredients that intensively improves pigmentation, wrinkles and elasticity.  Visibly lightens the skin and unifies the complexion.  Diminish existing pigmentation and works at preventing new spots from forming thanks to its anti-melanin ingredients.  Provide moisture and vitality to the skin and potent skin whitening ingredients provide the skin with a white and clear skin tone.  It intensively inhibits wrinkles and the production of melanin.  These lightweight skin whitening products are the ultimate in hyper pigmentation control and skin tone correction, with results within only a few weeks.  They gently refines the grain of your skin to make it incredibly smooth and lighter.

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Novaclear Whiten Skin Whitening Set

BEST FOR THOSE WHO WANT A LIGHTER AND EVEN SKIN TONE!Developed from the most trusted and high-qualit..

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